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💜 Begin the healing process for your love wound.

💜 Get to know your story and the issues that have you stuck in your love life.

💜 Learn powerful spiritual tools to gain energy to boost your worth and exude confidence.

💜 Gain psychological practical tools to cleanse the shit in your life blocking you from love that you might not notice.

💜 Learn what to replace into your life to create a loving and friendly environment.

💜 Learn dating and love tips that actually work.


full payment
4 monthly payments

This self study course includes:

💜 (7) 1 hour pre-recorded group coaching calls to dive deep into your story, and give you actionable solutions, healing and advice  to increase confidence, self-esteem, and overall health in relationship to SELF and in relationship to others.

💜 Live support in our private facebook group.

💜 BONUS: Email coaching with Christine for a limited time.


module 1: Getting to the Root of it

Here you will dive deep and navigate the emotional terrains on your life history up until now. You will look at patterns, wounds, trauma, and dominant experiences that have shaped you. Learn what your emotional blueprint is. It all starts with the roots.

You will:

  • Learn your family blue print
  • Learn your love blue print
  • Learn your self esteem blue print
  • Get to the core of YOU

module 2: life now

We come back to the only true moment that exists, here and now. Now is the only true time we have. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. Yet, both the past and our worries about the future effects our present. So here I will help you connect the dots and see what patterns and habits are working and which aren’t and HOW to begin changing them one by one to have results you want.

We will look at the effect of those blueprints on your:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions/Energy
  • Actions

module 3: love & relationships, sex & sensuality

Let’s know what’s really going on. Love and relationships of all kinds is what we are going to get down and dirty with here. We will make shifts in the way you are communicating. Your femininity, is directly connected to your sensuality and creativity.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • How to set healthy boundaries and learn how to navigate different problems and disagreements
  • How to own your values and know what you believe and where you stand in relationships
  • Cleanse those habits that aren’t cultivating healthy love and relationships
  • How to not lose yourself when you are in a relationship and keep your sexy on
  • How to activate your feminine light, power, and SEXY!
  • How to activate your sex appeal and magnetism to attract people to you
  • Feel sexy in your body and confident in your life

module 4: the soul

Call it your soul voice, your gut, your intuition, your primal instinct- whatever- but that deep wiser sense of what is “right” for you. Here I will teach you tools to get in touch with that voice deep within.

Expect to:

  • Learn tools to connect and trust your gut and intuition
  • Know the difference between fear and your intuition
  • Get in touch with a deep faith that allows you to better ride through the difficult times
  • Feel connected to your true source of power

module 5: love addiction relapse, withdrawals and a plan

In this module, you will explore the dynamics of love addiction and what happens during the healing journey. It is not linear. You will have ups and downs. During this call you will learn about love addiction relapse and how to have a love addiction safety plan so you act out less and if you slip, how to bounce back fast.

Here we will discuss:

  • A love addiction safety plan

module 6: self care and coming back home to self

In this module, we are going to focus on the root of where all things begin, with the SELF. You have come so far on the journey and now you are ready to really come back HOME to yourself. In order to do this, we must create rituals and self love and self care dates to really add fun and love back into your life.

Here we will discuss:

  • How to visualize a day of self care
  • AM rituals
  • PM rituals
  • How to set up an ideal week schedule
  • How to create a self care activities list

module 7: divine purpose and living your light

Here we will discuss:

  • Integrate all of the skillsets you have learned and embody your worth in your everyday life
  • Being the light
  • Tapping into your Purpose and Truth
  • Feeling all the love you have cultivated

💜 Fun and Adventure

💜 Purpose and Living Your Worth

💜 Purpose, Money and Service

Bonus Experts Include:

Dr. Rosanna Massey
EFT “Tapping Expert” and Founder of Bitch Tap

EFT for Healing Love Addiction: 3 Part Digital Series.

In this powerful series, Dr. Rosanna will guide our healing love addiction participants to release the blocks on an energetic and deep cellular level.

EFT is emotional freedom technique aka tapping. Expect to tap yourself free from love addition!

(3 hour total)


Sahar Paz
“Find Your Voice” Expert and Author

Find Your Voice, Own your Worth.

In this transformational 1 hour digital workshop, Sahar Paz will guide participants to unleash their voice and tap into their story and their authenticity.

Finding your voice is about liberating women from the stories that no longer serve them and tapping into the story that does!

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10% of the total proceeds from Healing Love Addiction will automatically be donated on your behalf to the organization THERAPY IS COOL – the non profit that I created to give back to marginalized communities with a particular focus on at risk youth, women affected by domestic violence, and marginalized communities.

An empowerment workshop will be created from your contributions to a group in need in NYC. By being a part of giving back to a community that is marginalized and empowering them to feel worthy and to be given tools to succeed in life, you are investing in their futures and the future of the world. Together we can!

about christine gutierrez
Christine is a leading Latina Psychotherapist with a masters in Human Behavior and Development focusing on prevention and community from City College of New York. In addition, she is an advice columnist, speaker, author, poet, and founder of christineg.tv, an online hub that features psychologically-savvy and soulful advice, articles, videos, private consultations, workshops, retreats (both live and virtual), radio appearances, and television projects.

I decided to create the program Healing Love Addiction because I remember a time not too long ago when I couldn’t figure the “love game” out. I would look in misery, confusion, and even jealousy at the girls that just seemed to have it all figured out.

I was lonely, insecure, and completely lost on how to start to have the wild, passionate, and love life that I so desired to have. Worst of all, were that as much as I wanted to have healthier love and a healthier life, my compulsions were driving me and I couldn’t seem to take the control back. Until I did get the control back. And my life changed!

Through my own journey, I came across the best guides, and tools that allowed me to own my worth, connect with my sensuality, learn to live a passionate life and exude sex appeal and confidence. I began to finally “Get It” And before I knew it I was attracting sweet, amazing, and loving men and relationships in my life. And more importantly, I felt trust and deeper love within myself.

Don’t wait to have the fierce love, and fierce life, you deserve. Let’s do this together!

xo, Christine


“Christine’s practice has “saved” me. She’s like the perfect best friend that offers constructive criticism but also TONS of positive feedback. But unlike your average best friend, she helps you go deeper into yourself with practical tools that get you to tune into your inner guidance and intuition. Working with her has helped me identify all the blocks in my life that are or were preventing me from living in the moment and getting what I want. I can happily say I have had merous and continuous inner shifts with her help and look forward to what else is coming. Truly, You are amazing. The most raw coach i have ever been able to work with. My inspiration. I hope to embody that as a future coach too. Love love xoxo” ~ Nikki

“I have been working with Christine since August last year, she was sent my way at a time when I was completely lost, about to lose my sanity and had relapsed once again to an abusive relationship. I was stuck, slowly dying and longed for freedom. Christine absolutely saved me.” ~ Marita


“After our final call, the lyrics from “Brave” by Sara Bareilles came back to mind. ‘Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live/Maybe one of these days you can let the LIGHT IN/And show me how big you Brave is.’ She’s one of my favorites. We’ve gotta let the light in. Thank you Christine” ~ Anne Markt

“Thank you!!! My sexual temptations are gone!!! Now I’m seeing woman in a more loving and compassionate way!! And not only woman buy myself and life in general! It’s amazing what we did today and just with one session!!! I’m infinitely grateful with the universe for putting you in my spiritual path and growth! Eternal love sister <3” ~ Nicolas

“On my first phone called with Christine she asked me one question, “What do you know to be true?” I sat on the other end of the phone in silence. I had numbed myself so completely I had no idea what was true in my life. I spent most of my days indoors watching TV in pajamas, trying to block out my reality. I was engaged and in a bad relationship that made me totally lose sight of who I was. I would cry in the shower and was anxious all the time. After talking to Christine I begin to see glimmers of myself coming back. I started questioning my reality and seeing things more clearly. I begin to daydream of a different life that might be possible. A year later (and many phone calls with Christine later) my life has completely changed. I know many things to be true and more importantly I know myself. Christine was loving and direct and helped me grow confidence in myself. Today I am proud to say I am living across the country and in a new relationship that is so full of love it makes me feel grateful everyday. I am living the life I used to daydream about. If you are thinking of talking to Christine I urge you to do it. There is a reason you just happened to stumble upon her website and this is the first step to regaining control of your life and finding your truth <3” ~Shea



“Thank you so much Christine! Beautiful talk, and I so appreciate all the women who shared their stories.” ~ Anne

“Christine is the kindest gentlest soul whose non judgmental approach makes her easy to talk to which in turn allowed me to tune into my true person. This talent enables her to help people heal their deepest scars.” ~ Jannae

“Christine is the intuitive healer, best friend and spiritual guru all rolled into one. She is fiercely authentic and helps you discover parts of yourself that you may have forgotten. You will laugh, cry and find a better understanding of the goddess within. If you looking for a guide along the journey of love and awareness- Christine is your girl!” ~ Julie

“Having known Christine for a few years virtually, it was a pleasure to meet this beautiful goddess face to face.  In person in the goddess retreat or virtually working 1-1 with her, she provides a safe place to heal. I came to her a broken soul: abusive ex husband and defiant teen. Last summer the pieces seem to have finally started to come together for me.   With Christine’s help i know all is good now. Love is the only choice.” ~ J

”I can’t even being to tell you HOW AMAZING AND SO INSPIRING your post was to me… AT THIS very moment!! I am in tears writing to you… that is how profound that post was!! I can’t even say thank YOU enough! thank you…thank you so much!!! xoxo” ~ Jessica C

“Christine ,for being a friend, guru, teacher, sister , mama bear. Thank you for allowing us to see that the teacher is within us. You are an alchemist of hearts and all sorts. I love you. I got you. I see you.”

“I have been working with Christine since August last year, she was sent my way at a time when I was completely lost, about to lose my sanity and had relapsed once again to an abusive relationship. I was stuck, slowly dying and longed for freedom. Christine absolutely saved me.” ~ Ms. M

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