Are you a woman on a mission?

Do you have a deep fire in your belly and heart that says, Help, Serve, Heal?

If you know you want to make the world a better place and truly make an impact, this package is for you. I will help you whether you are a woman with just an idea or a woman with a new business looking to depend and serve even bigger!

Wherever you are, we access the soul wisdom and see what you are meant to birth into the world. We connect on a spiritual realm to the gifts that you are meant to serve.

Then we get practical. Spirit is always practical. We just have to learn her language. I help you hear her soul language and translate it into every day life.

What is your deep why?

Who is your soul audience?

What projects are calling you at this moment to serve?

What does that program or offering look like?

We will:

◈ break it down

◈ name it

◈ get the tag line

◈ help you access the copy for the program

◈ figure out how to market it

◈ how to price it

◈ what tools you need to make it happen on the tech side

and the magic sauce that makes you stand out and do all of this effortlessly.

I help you access your soul flow.

And in this state: money flows, joy flows, purpose flows, service flows, community happens, and love is present. You are aligned and on track and feeling as full as you are doing what you were meant to do do! And most importantly, feel the confidence, energy and deep belief that you can do it.

Change makers, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, creatives, therapists, and artists apply.


via Skype



with (2) 1/2 hour follow up calls