come back home to you

Your messy, your crazy, your brokenness is welcome here. The Diosa Tribe™ Membership is a global community of like hearted women that come together to heal, to share, to grow, to rise, to lead. It is a sacred space to bask in the medicine of other dope fierce women, godesss’, and diosas.

Life gets chaotic and busy. It’s hard enough to be a human in this busy world, but to be a women (to be a latina woman/women of color), and to be a conscious women is ALOT. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it to invest in our healing.

The world is waiting for the unique truth that we have to offer. But we need the space to be loved up when we can’t love ourselves. A space to be inspired and share our hard days and our biggest dreams.

Women are hearing this call louder than ever. I call this the soul call. The call to dive deep, heal, and lead. The call to go inward and to find sustainable happiness that isn’t dependent on that guy, that job, that compliment, or money. This soul call is calling people back HOME to their soul. I have been healing for over a decade, guiding people to untangle the webs of their childhood and trauma and find the medicine in the dark and the light of their story. As a healer, I saw the need for this work. I saw the beautiful latina faces and women of color flocking to my events both online and in person. I knew there was a need for this spiritual, yet psychologically savvy work.

My tribe is fierce. They are warriors. They have risen from the ashes. They are ready to do the work. They are ready to love themselves more, they just need the roadmap, the love, and the extra push to crown themselves in their confidence and worth, and start turning inward. The Diosa Tribe™ is where these women who are not only like-minded but like-hearted, come to gather.

it's for the woman:

bulletimagestar that wants sisterhood diosa support and community

bulletimagestar that is ready to heal and wants to be held accountable to living as fiercely and authentically herself as possible

bulletimagestar craving motivation and good vibes to keep her feeling happy, aligned to her soul desires, and inspired!

bulletimagestar that has big dreams and wants to take action steps to live out those wild and beautiful dreams.

bulletimagestarready to rise into her power, her courage, her truth, her passion, her most whole confident diosa self!

Throughout my work in this past decade, I have witnessed miracles within my client’s lives. Women that came in feeling broken and in toxic relationships, found their deep worth and walked away. Women that came with a quiet voice, roared their truth with power to the world. Women who feared women due to bullying found sisters in this diosa tribe that are now bridesmaids in their wedding! Women who didn’t love themselves who now feel their love in their bones. Breakthroughs occur. Transformations happened. After the changes occured, the women glowed and were beyond grateful and happy. Their lives were changing but they wanted to stay connected to this energy. They wanted to stay connected to the spiritual guidance and teachings. They longed for the love and devoted support of the sisterhood and fellow diosa’s. This is where the Diosa Tribe™ Membership was born. A Spiritual Tune Up. A Devoted Sisterhood Tribe. 

But you don’t have to. Nor should you have to. 

Let us love you and support you. 

The word sisterhood stems from the word “sisters.” Sisters are beams that are used in construction to support one another to stand firm and strong. We as diosa sisters, do the same for one another. We keep eachother strong, authentic, empowered, loved, inspired, and clear. 

bulletimagestar Do you feel shifts in your life but are starting to get caught up with the every day mundane stuff?

bulletimagestar Are you wanting to stay in the spiritual flow but feel stuck?

bulletimagestarDo you desire sisterhood but finding yourself lonely and disconnected?

I’ve seen this struggle again and again. So I created something that will change your spiritual practice forever…

let me introduce you to the diosa tribe™ membership

I created the Diosa Tribe™ to have an online space for women to connect, stay empowered in between retreats and coaching, and to make it easy and accessible to join. This is your online home for sisterhood and inspiration.

With the Diosa Tribe™ membership you don’t have to wait till you sign up for that next course or retreat, instead it allows you to have support set up consistently. I know that it’s easy to get off track and to isolate yourself, especially when things get busy or tough. Well this membership allows you to be proactive about your healing. You don’t have to wait for the breakdown to be supported, you can be supported daily just to love yourself up. 

The Diosa tribe™ membership allows you to make self care easy, because the support is at your fingertips. Our group calls, soul homework, and sister love allows you to stay on track effortlessly. You’re never alone. We have your back and hold your heart safe. And the moment you join, you become part of a tribe and sisterhood of supportive Diosas who just get you, and help you stay committed to YOU and your dreams. 

Monthly Focus + Mantra

Each month will focus on a different area of your life, making it easy to stay on track. There is a monthly mantra with beautiful art you can download, print and share to help you stay focused and inspired.

New Guided Meditations

I’ll share a guided meditation that ties into each months focus. You can practice the meditation as often as you want and you will always have access to past meditations too.

Monthly Diosa Audio

Every month includes a brand new audio in which I offer step-by-step guidance on how to take action on the personal growth tools and spiritual practices I share. You no longer need to figure it all out! I’ll lead the way!

Live Coaching Calls

The membership includes (1) 1 hour group coaching call a month (12 calls total). I host live coaching calls for Diosa Tribe™ members only. You can ask me whatever you want when we connect live!

A Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded Diosa’s in a private forum where you can ask and answer questions, share your story, and find tons of encouragement.

Christine's Throwbacks

In addition to all the brand new stuff I share every month, you will also get one of my favorite lectures from the past to help you explore and experience that month’s topic even better.

BONUS: First 20 signups!

Unlimited email coaching with Christine. Get live advice from Christine when you’re in a jam and need some in the moment real time advice and support. (use it don’t abuse it policy)

access everything in one place!

starts the moment you sign up with access to the membership site!

membership includes:

bulletimagestar(1) 1 hour live group coaching every month regarding a theme (12 calls in total)

bulletimagestar(1) theme each month + worksheet for soul work

bulletimagestaraccess to recordings (each recording posted within 24 hours of the live call)

bulletimagestar(1) audio/video chat with Christine

bulletimagestarprivate virtual sisterhood support group

bulletimagestarover 7 months of archived content (recordings, meditations & resources)

(*format of diosa tribe subject to change so take advantage of the massive live content now!*)

coaching info:

Each month will have a theme and each week will focus on specific core messaging and teachings for that theme. It will include fun soul dares and soul work for you to continue to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Some sample themes:

bulletimagestarSoul Communication:
How to Hear your soul voice and activate your intuition

bulletimagestarThe Power of Sisterhood
Cultivating a deep and nourishing soul tribe and creating your now

bulletimagestarSacred Money Making
Learning how to make money doing what you love, money rituals

bulletimagestarFierce Love Relationships
Communicate and Create Healthy Love Relationships

bulletimagestarI AM DIOSA™

bulletimagestarSelf Love+ Feminine Empowerment Keys

bulletimagestarIgnite Your Feminine Light
A course on tantric sensuality and sexuality

bulletimagestarLiving Your Purpose
Have your dream job/dream business

this program is based on a 5 star mission

ongoing registration!

This is a year long program with a different theme each month

ongoing registration!

starts the moment you sign up with access to the membership site!

payment options

(annual membership with reoccurring monthly payments)

full payment

with email coaching

(save $120!)


monthly payments

with email coaching

(save $120!)


full payment

without email coaching

(save $24!)


monthly payments

without email coaching

(save $120!)